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COVID-19 Updates for Studio | LASH UP STUDIO HAWAII

COVID-19 Updates for Studio

We hope you & your loved ones are safe & sound, and that you haven’t been eating a ton of cake like we have!!

We’re excited to have you back to the studio & wanted to first touch bases with you, so you have some notice on some changes you’re going to experience as part of our new normal, now that we’re living under a pandemic.


-       There will be less hours of operations for us, as we space out clients a bit more to ensure physical distancing can be maintained for safety.  Please be sure to book your appointments in advance, to ensure the most convenient schedule for you.

-       We are still open from M-F: 8am – 5pm & Sat 9am - 2pm.  After hour appointments are by appointment only.

-       Please message us if you arrive early.  If we have finished our cleaning & disinfection process, we will invite you in.  If we don’t respond, we’re with another client and we ask you remain in your vehicle to keep yourself & others safe.

-       We are asking that you wear a mask before you approach our front door per the guidelines set by the CDC, WHO, FDA & to respect the safety of others.  If you don’t have a mask or aren’t wearing a mask when we open our doors to greet you, we unfortunately won’t be able to service you.  We will have to cancel your appointment and charge the card on file for the cancelled appointment.

-       Masks must be worn at all times while in studio.  No exception.

-       An addendum to the LUSH waiver will need to be signed on your first visit back to us.  The waiver will have you acknowledge our mask policy, & COVID-19 policy.

-       Just like any other place you visit; we’re going to ask you the standard COVID-19 questions about contact tracing.  We know you’ve heard them a million times before, so forgive us, we just want to be thorough.

-       Anyone who arrives, sick, ill, coughing or otherwise indicating they are not in good health, will not be allowed into the studio.  We will have to cancel your appointment and reschedule for another time. Please know, we love lashes & we love our chats, but the safety of everyone is our top priority.

-       Only the individual being serviced will be allowed in studio.  Sorry folks, but we want to maintain maximum physical distancing and the possibility of contamination, so we ask that you leave friends at home. The only exception is if you’re a minor, your parent or guardian will need to be in studio the entire duration of service.

-       We encourage contactless payment and have purchased a contactless chip reader for all major credit cards.  And now, we also accept, Venmo.


Things that stay the same:

-       We are not inclined to increase our prices or include a COVID-19 hazard fee at this time.  We figure, it’s part of our job to be crazy clean, & disinfect between every client.  We always have been, and will continue on the same, with our disinfectant protocols as usual. (Note we updated our protocols in November 2019, at the onset of COVID-19)

-       Hygiene is more important than ever!  Please remember to change out your lash brush at least every 30 days or after any illness or infection.  We give your first for free, each visit, and after that it’s 25 cents per brush.

-       Parking is still the same, please park at the end of the building in the designated LUSH spots.  DO NOT PARK anywhere else, as this may result in towing.  Please be respectful of the other business parking spots, and DO NOT occupy a front space.

Ladies & Gent’s!  Thank you for your continued support and for being lash lovers!  We hope to see you soon!  Stay safe!