8 Easy Tips To Keep Your Eyelash Extensions Looking Great

lash extension care tips

lash extension care tips


Eyelash extensions are a wonderful way to look great and show off your style! For many, however, the best part is how easy and low maintenance their extensions are to care for. I often get asked about eyelash extension maintenance. Taking care of your new eyelash extensions is much easier than you think. Just follow these 8 quick and easy tips, and your lashes will go on looking amazing!
1. DO NOT use water-proof mascara


Many women are able to go without mascara altogether after getting eyelash extensions. However, if you still prefer, be sure to avoid water-proof mascaras. Water-proof mascara weakens the bond of the adhesive for any type of glue. It is also harder to remove and can pull the extensions off. If you are set on using mascara, be sure you are only applying water-based mascara and only to the tip of the lash, avoiding application to the base.


2. DO NOT use sunscreens, bug sprays, or other oil-based products around your eyes


Oils can cause the adhesive bond on your lash extensions to become weakened, causing your lashes to fall off earlier than expected. When you are applying oil based products, avoid the area around your eyes. Remember, your hands also have natural oils, so don’t touch your eyelashes, especially with your fingers as those oils can also weaken the bond. Also, check the ingredients if you use anti-aging eye creams to be sure they are also free of oils.


3. DO NOT fuss with your lash extensions


Picking, pulling, twisting or rubbing lashes  can cause your real lashes to shed prematurely. This shedding will cause your beautifully placed lash to fall to the floor. Be sure to be gentle with your lashes and if you get the urge to fuss with your lashes, use a wand to brush them gently instead. If your lashes are bothering you too much and you don’t wish to continue, have them professionally removed by your lash artist. Lashes should be seen, not felt.


4. DO NOT curl, perm, or trim your lashes


Curling and perming your lashes can cause the extension to crimp and compromise the natural curve of the lash. Curling also causes you real lashes to shed prematurely. Trimming your lashes would cause your lashes to come to a blunt end, as oppose to a soft tip, and would not look natural at all! Also, trimming lashes can cut your real lashes and mess up their natural look.


5. DO NOT sleep on your lashes


The friction from your pillow case can cause you lashes to shed early. Try to avoid sleeping on your lashes at night by sleeping on your back, or by resting your eyelashes as little as possible on the pillow. If this is difficult, then use a silk pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases are slightly rougher and can cause friction on the lash, whereas the silky cases glide more smoothly. Besides, silk pillowcases are way more comfortable!
6. DO keep your lashes dry for the first 12 hours 


The adhesive used on your lashes takes about 12 hours to fully mature, giving you a strong bond. Try and avoid submerging your lashes in water for the first 12 hours. Wear goggles in the shower if you must! It’s also best to stay away from steam rooms and hot yoga for those first 12 hours. After that, feel free to go about your normal living. I have several clients who surf regularly and have no trouble keeping their lashes looking great!


7. DO keep your lashes clean, dry, and brushed


After the initial 12 hours, it’s important to wash your lashes daily. You should use diluted baby shampoo (1 tablespoon to one cup of distilled water) once per day to avoid the build up of dirt and debris on the extensions. When drying your lashes, lightly brush, and allow them to air dry naturally, or use a a blow dryer set on “cool” to fan them back in place (be sure to hold it arms length from your face).
Lightly brushing your lashes with an eyelash wand is an easy way to adjust your lashes and keep them looking straight. It can be tempting to fuss with your lashes, be sure to resist the temptation and lightly brush them with your wand instead.


8. DO maintain your lashes


Just like you would for any other waxing, hair coloring, or hair styling service, eyelash extensions will need to be touched up every 2-3 weeks to keep them full, fresh, and even. The good news is these “relash” appointments are quick and easy. Get yourself scheduled early so you get “your” appointment time with the lash artist who can achieve your style the best!
There you are ladies, 8 easy tips for keeping your eyelash extensions looking great! Remember, you can schedule eyelash extension appointments here by selecting the service and time that is best for you (Honolulu, HI)!