Top 5 Reasons to get Eyelash Extensions in Hawaii

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Have you been dreaming about Hawaiian sunsets and beautiful beaches? Want to roll out of bed looking ready to go out? Are you camera ready? When was the last time your eyes had that full, amazing look? How about just having a gorgeous set of eyelash extensions to flirt with?


If you haven’t noticed, eyelash extensions are everywhere in Honolulu. Ladies with lash extensions have figured out a secret to having an easily maintained, attractive look. There are so many great reasons to get to yourself a set of gorgeous eyelash extensions. Find out for yourself why those lovely long lashes are being seen all over Honolulu.


Eyelash Extensions Make Life Easy

Roll out of bed in the morning looking gorgeous! Give yourself more time in the morning and take the effort out of fussing with mascara, curling, or trying to apply tedious lashes. Having lash extensions makes life in Hawaii easy (as it should be) and let’s you relax, knowing that your eyes are always looking their best. Less time spent on your beauty means more time you get beauty rest! ahhh…


Your Lash Extensions can Survive the Elements

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In Oahu, the trade winds are strong, the rain is unpredictable, yoga is dominant, and we all love the ocean. After your lashes have had 12 hours to cure, they will then be ready to face the elements. You can go with confidence in your lashes, knowing they will be able to withstand an active lifestyle and of the unpredictable Hawaiian weather.


Eyelash extensions are especially great if you have an event like a wedding or a long Vegas weekend planned. Keep the party going and know that your lashes can take it. If you are getting married on Oahu and are looking for a professional eyelash extension artist, feel free to contact us and ask about our wedding discount packages!


Eyelash Extensions Turn Back Time


As we age, our eyelashes will naturally begin to thin and some will stop growing all together. This has an more dramatic aging effect on our appearance. Filling in those gaps and adding volume to your lashes will make your eyes stand out and turn back the clock on aging. Eyelash extensions instantly and dramatically enhance your eyes, giving you a much more youthful look.


Super Easy, Low Maintenance

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Maintenance is very easy. Unlike mascara, which has to be applied, always touched up, and then washed off every day, you won’t need to do hardly a thing to maintain your eyelash extensions. A simple, quick eyelash wand in the mornings and keeping them clean is all you really need to do. The low maintenance of eyelash extensions really does make life that much more easy.


Your initial lash appointment can take up to 2 hours, but after that, refills (or as I call them, Relashes) are a much quicker service and are usually done every 2-3 weeks. Because the service takes less time, it’s less expensive and you can leave the salon knowing that your lashes look as amazing as you feel.


Your Eyes Will Look Fabulous!

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Eyelash extensions have a subtle, yet dramatic impact on your look. Your eyes will look bigger and brighter, and the lashes will help in bringing out their natural color. In Hawaii, with this beautiful scenery all around us, you can go out in confidence knowing that your lashes are ready for each and every photo opportunity!


Warning: You will receive compliments from your friends!


If you are looking for Eyelash Extensions on Oahu, I would love to take care of you. You can book online appointments here.