Lash Up Studio Policies

We pride ourselves on our work, and we offer a 2 day work guarantee.  Please note you must contact us within the first 48 hours of receiving your eyelash extensions. Anything after is not covered under our guarantee. 

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Clients New & Old

All clients must book their first appointment on line, we suggest you create and account for future appointments, in accordance with our cancellation policy.  All clients must keep a valid credit card on file in case of no-show appointments or cancellations outside of our policies.

Groupons: Due to the nature of how Groupon works, we can only accept 1 Groupon per person per 12 months from the date of your redemption.  Please do not purchase a Groupon if you have used a Groupon with us within the last 12 months.  We will not be able to redeem your Groupon, as stated on the Groupon itself.


All appointments are on a first come first service basis.  Please visit our online booking system to book your next appointment.  

We HIGHLY encourage to book early, as we have many clients, who like us, are addicted to our lashes 🙂

If you cannot find a time and day you're looking for, please feel free to email or text us the time frame and day of the week you are looking to come in and we'll do our best to accommodate you. 

Relash Guidelines

A standard “Relash” appointment is required every 2 to 3 weeks. With proper home care, approximately 50% of your eyelash extensions will be remaining. If you wait past 3 weeks, your extensions will be additionally grown out and potentially 25% of your extensions will be remaining. This will require you to schedule an “Extra Relash” appointment which is more time for the Lash Artist to replace the additional lashes needed and replace exceptionally grown out extensions. Approximately between 4- 5 weeks, you will need a Full Set. *If you arrive to a session with no lashes or less than 40% of your lashes on, your session will be cancelled and you will be charged for a full set*



We use hypoallergenic eye pads to cover your lower lashes while carefully applying one faux mink eyelash extension with a semi-permanent, sensitive adhesive. An eyelash extension will be applied to each supple natural eyelash. During the service you will be comfortably lying down with your eyes closed.
**Multiple lashes should never be glued together, nor to your skin. Please, beware that this service requires a very highly skilled and educated professional to preserve the health of you and your lashes.

We offer a professional grade adhesive, purchased through our licensure at a premium price. This high quality, low fume adhesive has proven to be sensitive and long lasting.

Yes, mascara can be worn with eyelash extensions, but is not recommended. For best results, use an eyelash extension friendly mascara and apply from middle to end avoiding the base of the eyelashes.

If you are having them installed by a highly skilled and educated Lash Artist your extensions will NOT affect your natural eyelashes. Your natural eyelashes are on a cycle to renew every 45 to 90 days, which within that time, they naturally shed and are replaced with new growth. You may notice this cycle more while wearing extensions because there is a noticeable synthetic eyelash attached to your natural lash, when it falls out. This is a completely natural process.


Cancellation Policy


Please read carefully, before booking an appointment, by booking an appointment, you agree to the terms below.

  • Cancellation 24+ hours from appt time: No charge
  • Cancellation within 24hours from appt time: 50% charge of original service
  • More than 10 min late/no show appts: 100% charge of original service (please call us anyways! If we can still accommodate you, we will)
*Please remember ONE Groupon per Person, ONLY.  More than ONE Groupon purchased cannot be Redeemed.  If you book an appointment, and have already redeemed a Groupon within the last 12 months, you will be charged the full price of selected service.
Late Policy: It is our policy to automatically cancel your appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment.  This is considered a no-show appointment, and a fee applies(see above).   If you are going to be late, call us asap!  We will try to work with you if we can, if we can't this is still considered a no-show appointment.  

Why Our Policy Exists: We understand things happen, but please also note that when you don't show, or cancel at the last minute we are unable to fill your slot.  We regularly service over 200 clients, and sometimes clients get turned away (or make special arrangements) because of lack of space during a week.  We love lashes and wish we could give them away for free.

Additionally, we take pride in our work, and if it takes 60 minutes to do a great job, but we only have 30, we won't complete the session, because we cannot complete the job in the time left, and the cancellation policy applies. 

We will always do our best to accommodate you, but please note, the cancellation policy stands, and the funds charged here cannot be applied to a future visit.  Effective 7.01.2019  There are few exceptions to our Cancellation policy, we ask for communication, and we will do our best to accommodate everyone, all of the time.  

*Due to the nature of our services, we do not offer refunds, only corrective services. If you have a concern, please contact us within 48 hours from your appointment time.

*If you are a Groupon client, please note you will be charged the full amount of a full set, not the cost of the Groupon*  We DO NOT redeem Groupons if you are not in studio, in person.  


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