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First Time Clients, Need to Knows/FAQ - LASH UP STUDIO HAWAII

First Time Clients, Need to Knows/FAQ

Is This Your First Time Getting Extensions?

If this is your first time getting lash extensions, or just your first time with us, we've got some helpful tips, and information that might help you feel more at ease before your lash appointment. Including our cancellation policy.. please review it.

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Our Space

We love pets & kids & your besties!  But please know, lashing requires a lot of sanitation and a lot of focus, so we ask that you leave everyone at home.

Your Look

Before your first appointment consider what you're looking for as a "final look."  Are you looking for natural? Full? Do you care if anyone knows you have extensions? Maybe you're taking a trip and just want more open visible eyes for photos..

What to Bring

Bring yourself, your Groupon (if applicable) and any photos you've found on instagram, or facebook that will help us get a visual idea of what you're looking to have as a "final look" today.

Please Remember

Please remember not to drink coffee, wear any makeup, or apply any substances on your face on the day of your appointment.

Please make sure you know where we are located BEFORE your appointment, and that you leave with plenty of time to account for traffic.

Before your Appointment Help us Get you to your desired look..

Before your first appointment, prepare for the aftercare in advance.  Please note that every time you have your eyelash extensions applied, you'll need to wait a full 24 hours before getting your eyelashes wet.  Consider taking a shower right before your appointment, so you won't be tempted to get your face wet.  Even the residual spray while in the shower will cause your new eyelash extensions to fall out prematurely.

We also prepared some informative posts about aftercare and ways to help improve your retention.  Scroll to the top of our site and have a look!

First Time FAQ

Q: Why do I need to enter a credit card if I already have a Groupon?

A: We require that a valid credit card be kept on file for ALL clients.  Regardless of how you come to us, Yelp, Groupon, word of mouth, our cancellation policy requires you book your first appointment & review our cancellation policy.  ALL NEW CLIENTS, must schedule their first appointment via our website booking system so we can capture a valid credit card, that is kept on file, in a separate secure server for any instances when an appointment is cancelled, or a client is a no show.

Q: Why do I still owe State Tax if I purchased a Groupon?

A: When you purchase a Groupon, you're really doing business with two separate business.  During checkout, Groupon collects taxes due for the purchase you complete with them.  They'll send us our percentage of sales, but we still need to collect State Tax for your purchase with us.  We are required by law .to collect State Taxes for the original amount of the sale. 

You can always book an appointment without purchasing a Groupon, use code HONORGROUPON & we will honor the Groupon deal, we originally posted.  Please note if you receive extra discounts with Groupon, we cannot grant additional discounts.  

Q: When would you charge our card that we enter, during our first booking?

A: We use two separate operating systems for payment one for our cancellation policy & another for everyday services.  If you are a no-show, or cancel with less than 24hours of notice, we will charge your card on file.  If you are late or a no-show, we will call & text you to see if you're on your way, but if you arrive 10+min late to your scheduled appointment, we will charge your card on file.

Q: Can you use the card on file, for payment after my service?

A: No.  We only use that system for our cancellations & no-show fees.  Be sure to bring a valid credit card, cash or have your venmo ready for service.

Q: Do I need to bring my Groupon voucher with me?

A: It is always a great idea to bring a screen shot, or printed voucher.  If you have the Groupon app, you can also bring your phone, and we'll be able to redeem your Groupon. 

Q: Help! My Groupon voucher is expired or about to expire and I don't see any available appointments, what do I do?

A: First, call us!  We might be able to squeeze you in.  If we can't, we'll help you figure out the next steps, to make sure you can still get lashes!  Don't wait until your voucher is months expired, please call us as soon as you notice!

Q: I don't want to schedule my appointments, can you help?

A: Absolutely!  After you book your first appointment and enter your credit card into our system, we can book as many appointments for you in advance that you'd like.  We regularly book 6-9 months advance appointments for our clients, so they don't have to.  We're happy to help make it easy, just call, text or email us and we'll make it happen.

Q: I called twice, but no one has called me back, what now?

A: If you call but don't leave a message, we won't call you back.  Please leave a message or text us, and we will call you as soon as we're free.  When we have a client in studio, we don't answer calls or texts, as both our hands are busy lashing away.  

Q: I want to book a Mega Volume or 5-9D Volume Lashes, what do I need to book?

A: For these appointments, we need to make sure your lashes are healthy & strong enough to handle the weight.  We require a consult at least 24 hours BEFORE we can lash you.  Please book 2 appointments: 1)a consult at least 24 hours in advance, 2) Book you volume or mega volume session 

Q: I purchased a Groupon for a Classic Set, but I know I want more fullness, what do I do?

A: Regardless of your Groupon or gift, book the appointment for the service you want.  This ensures we have enough time to lash you for the look you'd like.  For example, you purchased a Groupon for Classic Lashes, but want Volume(a fuller look), book an appointment for a Full Set of Volume Lashes. Notate in the booking you have a Groupon and want to upgrade.

Q: I'm not sure what to book, I'm new to lashes, HELP!

A: For all eyelash extension services, follow the guideline below:

  • Consultation: if you want to ease your nerves, or check in on your lash health, choose this.  IF you want to get Mega Volume or Volume (5-9D), you'll need to book a consult at least 24 hours BEFORE we can lash you.
  • Full Set: Book any full set if you have no eyelash extensions currently on, OR if you have less than 25% of your lashes with extensions
  • Mini Relash: 7 days or less from your last visit
  • Relash: 2-3weeks since your last visit (Requires 40% of your lashes on)
  • Extended Relash: 3-4 weeks since your last visit (Requires 25% of your lashes on)

Full Set's are required for any client who was last seen 4 weeks or more OR has less than 25% of your lashes attached.

Q: I still have questions or want to be sure I'm booking the right appointment, can I call?

A: Absolutely!  We're happy to walk you through the process, and stay on the phone with you or answer, clarify or chat about any questions you may have.  Don't hesitate to call, just leave a message and we'll call you back.  Remember, no message, no call back. 

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