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Chromotherapy or Light Therapy is a type of skin therapy that utilizes LED colored lights to help improve various skin conditions from: acne, inflammation, dark spot lightening to lymphatic drainage.

Over time, may individuals have seen improvement with the used of Light Therapy, unfortunately, light therapy is not a ‘one and done’ service to see results.

Light therapy requires a commitment of weeks to months to see real results, if it is for you. We recommend the following schedule for light therapy results, and have designed packages to help you affordably achieve those results.

1-4 Week Schedule: 3-4 (20 minute sessions) each week

5-12 Week Schedule: 2-3 (20 minute sessions) each week

12 + Week Schedule: 1-2 (20 minute sessions) each week

We currently offer the following LED Light Treatments, and it is not recommended to switch between treatments, rather it is recommended you stick with one LED ‘color’ for a minimum of 6 weeks for best results.

Red Light Therapy: Increases the production of collagen & elastin, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and has anti-aging benefits.

Blue Light Therapy: Calms sensitive skin, alleviates acne and smooths inflammation, has antibacterial properties & is effective for hypersensitivity.

Green Light Therapy: Lightens hyper-pigmentation spots for brighter complexion and reduces redness.

Yellow Light Therapy: Reduces melanin production & improves skin dullness and stimulates the lymphatic system

Purple light Therapy: Combines both the benefits of Red & Blue light therapy for ultimate skin renewal & cell regeneration while promoting the drainage of the lymphatic system.

Cyan Light Therapy: Reduces skin tension, swollen capillaries, calms irritated skin & enhances cell energy.

White Light Therapy: Closely resembles the full light spectrum, and release the skin, while accelerating growth & healing of skin cells for youthful skin.

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