Tips for Better Retention

Looking to get better retention for your investment? Consider the following simple and very helpful tips and tricks.

  • Book your appointments early to ensure you get the the best day and time for your schedule. We currently book out about a month in advance. So if you think you’re going to keep getting extensions, jump online and book your appointments in advance!

  • Bathe before your appointment. You know the adhesive must be kept dry for 24 hours minimum, if you can bathe before hand, please do.

  • DO NOT WEAR ANY MAKEUP or LOTIONS. Yes, ANY! Even concealer eyeliner, or powder gets on your lashes and prevents the lash adhesive from forming a good bond.
  • Invest in a LASH BATH. We carry a few options in stock for you, so that you can keep your lashes clean and dirt free without compromising the adhesive. Let’s chat on your next visit!
  • Use Micellar Wipes for the midday wipe down you love. We carry BioDerm Micellar wipes in stock in studio. Pick up a pack on your next visit. They are specially formulated for sensitive skin, and won’t leave you tacky!

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